Invasive Annual Grasses

Day 2 – Invasive Annual Grasses

What are invasive grasses? Invasive grasses are noxious weeds that have the significant potential to be detrimental to agriculture, the economy, and the environment. The Montana Department of Agriculture has four invasive grasses identified on the state noxious weed list. Ventenata (2A), Medusahead (1A), and Phragmites (1A) are state listed, and Cheatgrass (3) is state regulated.

For Day 2 of MNWAW, we will be learning about the three invasive annual grasses, Ventenata, Medusahead, and Cheatgrass. Use these resources to learn something new and/or as a way to promote and distribute information to your constituents, family, friends, and neighbors.




Fact Sheets
Ventenata—Montana Field Guide
Medusahead—Montana Field Guide
Cheatgrass—Montana Field Guide


Identifying Invasive Annual Grasses in Montana—MSU Extension
How Invasive Grasses are Harming Hunting—On Our Mark: The Weatherby Podcast
Invasive Annual Grasses in the West Case Study—Western Governors Association


Activities & Helpful Websites
Invasive Annual Grass Spatial Data Compilation and Synthesis Project—Partners in the Sage
A Toolkit for Invasive Annual Grass Management in the West—USDA & Western Governors Association
Invasive Annual Grasses in Montana—PDF Pamphlet


Other Articles & Information
MSU Research Projects—MSU Extension
Indaziflam Herbicide Application for Invasive Annual Grass Population Control on Montana Prairie—University of Montana
Targeted Livestock Grazing to Suppress Invasive Annual Grasses—Jeffrey C. Mosley & Lovina Roselle


As MNWAW is declared statewide, help us create a united front in the fight against noxious weeds in Montana, educate those around us, and celebrate the wins. Don’t forget to watch our gun raffle fundraiser LIVE on our Facebook page at 5pm.

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