Montana Noxious Weed Awareness Week

Join the Montana Weed Control Association in celebrating Montana’s Noxious Weed Awareness Week (MNWAW) 2023! This year, MNWAW will be celebrated Sunday, June 4th – Saturday, June 10th

In April 2021, thanks to the help of legislators Marilyn Marler and Ken Walsh, Montana Noxious Weed Awareness Week was signed into state law. This official week occurs annually on the first FULL week of June to recognize the impact of terrestrial noxious weeds on our beautiful Montana landscape.

This year, MWCA will be sharing a variety of resources daily. Here are our topics of focus for each day:

Sunday, June 4th: Prevention
Monday, June 5th: Invasive Annual Grasses
Tuesday, June 6th: Rangeland Weeds
Wednesday, June 7th: Woody Invasives
Thursday, June 8th: Aquatic Weeds
Friday, June 9th: Forest Weeds
Saturday, June 10th: Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Use the daily resources as a way to promote and distribute information to your constituents, family, friends, and neighbors during MNWAW. As MNWAW is declared statewide, help us create a united front in the fight against noxious weeds in Montana, educate those around us, and celebrate the wins (however big or small).

Get excited and follow along, share, and engage with us!!


Rangeland Weeds

Invasive Annual Grasses

Woody Invasives

Aquatic Weeds

Forest Weeds

Integrated Pest Management

MWCA Hired an Executive Director

MWCA Hired an Executive Director


MWCA has hired a familiar face to lead the organization as the Executive Director! Check out who it is here.

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