Noxious Weed Prevention

Day 1 – Noxious Weed Prevention

What is prevention? Prevention is the first line of defense against noxious weed invasions. Over the long-term, it is more cost effective to prevent weeds from establishing than begin treatment after establishment. Noxious weeds have a destructive impact on our landscape. They displace native plant species, increase soil erosion, and decrease wildlife habitat and recreational opportunities. 

Prevention measures can be many different things, such as increasing education and outreach, washing vehicles, boats, and other equipment, using certified weed seed free hay, and implementing Early Detection, Rapid Response (EDRR) programs. Below are a variety of resources to learn more about preventing the spread of noxious weeds on our Montana landscape.

Fact Sheets
Montana Noxious Weed Information – Montana State University
Dyer’s Woad – Montana Department of Agriculture
Scotch Broom – Montana Department of Agriculture
Medusahead – Montana Department of Agriculture
Noxious Weed Free Materials – Montana Department of Agriculture
Washing Vehicles to Prevent Weed Seed Dispersal – Montana State University
Landowner Stewardship Guide – Grow Wild

Videos & Podcasts
Native Plants and Noxious Weed Management—MSU Extension
Grass Identification Basics—MSU Extension
Getting Deep in the Montana Weeds – Voices of Montana 

Activities & Helpful Websites
Play Clean Go Toolkit – NAISMA
Early Detection, Rapid Response – Montana Department of Agriculture
Adopt A Trailhead – Montana Department of Agriculture
Adopt A Trailhead Storymap – Montana Department of Agriculture 

Other Articles & Information
Great Falls students ‘pull their share’ of noxious weeds – KRTV
Volunteers gather at Two Moon Park – KTVQ


Use these resources to learn something new and/or to promote and distribute information to your constituents, family, friends, and neighbors. As MNWAW is declared statewide, help us create a united front in the fight against noxious weeds in Montana, educate those around us, and celebrate the wins. Don’t forget to watch our gun raffle fundraiser LIVE on our Facebook page at 12pm.

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