Mapping & Monitoring

Day 6 – Mapping and Monitoring

To help celebrate Montana’s stunning working and wildlands for Noxious Weed Awareness Week we’re highlighting the importance of weed inventory mapping to keep our lands healthy and productive.

Weed Mapping Makes a Difference:
-Smarter Treatments: Accurate maps guide targeted weed control, saving time, money, and protecting native plants and valuable resources.
-Tracking Progress: We can monitor weed spread and measure for change over time.
-Prioritizing Action: Weed inventory maps help us identify high-risk areas and priority invasive species for effective management plans.

Get Involved!
-Working with Weeds: Explore free tools like EDDMaps Pro ( []) to streamline data collection and collaboration. The desktop version allows you to store your photo plots, and even when, where, and how you are treating infested areas. Other accessible tools like Google Earth ( []) and OnX ( []) can also help visualize data and plan fieldwork as well.
-Montanans on Public Lands: Report weed sightings while you ! EDDMaps or Wildspotter were made for you. Your observations are crucial to protecting Montana’s public!


Activities & Helpful Websites
Montana Invasive Weed Dashboard – Montana Natural Hertiage Program
Noxious Weed Monitoring – Park County Environmental Council


As MNWAW is declared statewide, help us create a united front in the fight against noxious weeds in Montana, educate those around us, and celebrate the wins. Don’t forget to watch our gun raffle fundraiser LIVE on our Facebook page at 12pm.

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