Chemical Management

Day 4 – Chemical Management

Herbicides are one part of integrated pest management that is used to manage weeds and keep weed populations at a tolerable level while protecting water quality and other natural resources. When using herbicides, it’s important to know how they enter and move in plants or soil, how they kill or control plants, and how they can be used to kill only the target weeds and not cause collateral damage or move offsite. 

Responsibly used herbicides by informed applicators can be an invaluable tool in protecting habitat and working land. On some weed species herbicide is the only effective tool, and typically when herbicides are used in conjunction with another management method, such as revegetation or biocontrol, the effect on the weed is improved overusing either approach alone. Education about proper herbicide use is critical and that knowledge is powerful.     





Fact Sheets
Herbicides and Noxious Weeds: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions 

Videos & podcasts
Montana’s Noxious Weeds: Backpack Calibration
The Quick and Simple Way to Calibrate Boom Sprayers – MSU
Palmer Amaranth Herbicide Resistance – MDA Spring EDRR Webinar

Activities & Helpful Websites
Weed ID and Control – Grow Wild
Pesticide Waste Disposal Program – Montana Department of Agriculture

Other Articles & Information
Herbicides: Understanding What They Are and How They Work – MSU MontGuide


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