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Download your copy of the MWCA’s 2023 Public Policy booklet HERE.



Members of the MWCA Public Policy Committee include:
MWCA Executive Director, Kelsey Miller — mwca@mtweed.org.
Committee Chair Pam Converse — weeds@ponderacounty.org
Committee Members: Amy Adler, Jill Allen, Bryce Christiaens, Amber Burch, Dave Burch, Jasmine Chaffee, Rachel Frost, John Moodry, Jesse Scott


As MWCA does not have a lobbyist at this time, we appreciate any vigilant weed managers who would let the Public Policy Committee and/or MWCA staff know of legislation that may affect weed managers. That being said, MWCA’s Public Policy Committee is watching over bills that may impact noxious weed management. For current MWCA updates regarding bills and legislation, please visit the post under the “news” section. 

For information about the Montana Legislature including schedules, looking up bills, and finding representatives and senators, please visit www.leg.mt.gov

For more information about noxious weeds and their laws in Montana, please visit the Montana Department of Agriculture. The Department’s Noxious Weed Programs offer resources and assistance with the management of state- and county-listed noxious weeds.


Weed Whackers Ball 2023

Weed Whackers Ball 2023


The 16th Annual Weed Whackers Ball is happening soon!
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Upcoming Events


Montana Noxious Weed Awareness Week
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