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The current members of the MWCA Public Policy Core Committee are: Jill Allen (chair), Amber Burch, Pam Converse, Amy Adler, Karen Laitala, John Moodry, Rachel Frost, Bryce Christiaens, Stone Tihista, Jesse Scott, Dan Dobler, Dave Burch, Dale Butori, Pam Schwend and Becky Kington

For information about the Montana Legislature including schedules, looking up bills, and finding representatives and senators, please visit www.leg.mt.gov

Download your copy of the current 2017 – 2018 MWCA Policy Statements booklet.

MWCA Legislative News and Updates

For more information, please visit the Montana Department of Agriculture.

The Department’s Noxious Weed Programs offer resources and assistance with the management of state- and county-listed noxious weeds.

Montana Code MCA 80-7: Disease, Pest, and Weed Control

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Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Montana Nonprofit Association Virtual Conference

Many CWMA’s across Montana are nonprofit-based and the Montana Nonprofit Association is an extremely valuable resource for any nonprofit, including MWCA. The week of September 21st, the MNA is hosting its first ever virtual conference. Many MWCA board members are attending, not only for the valuable knowledge, but to see how a virtual platform works for a major conference. In the past, MNA has had over 400 attendees at their in-person conferences.