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Education and Awareness is the first step

You can be part of the solution to the noxious weed problem by being aware of noxious weeds wherever you are, identifying noxious weeds on your property, and taking action to control them. There are several ways to manage noxious weeds using integrated weed management.
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Then understanding your options for control

Get help from your local weed managers county weed coordinators, extension agents and/or conservation district personnel.

Please note that MWCA cannot provide weed identification, or make herbicide or treatment recommendations. Your individual situation involves knowing your natives and invasives, your soil types and growing conditions (which vary greatly across Montana) and your individual preferences for control. Please contact your local weed manager who can visit your site and make appropriate recommendations.

Integrated Weed Management

Envision what you want your property to look like and create a management plan that will help you achieve your objectives

In Montana, you are required by law to manage invasive weeds on your property. An excerpt from the law: “It is unlawful for any person to permit any noxious weed to propagate or go to seed on the person’s land, except that any person who adheres to the noxious weed management program of the person’s weed management district or who has entered into and is in compliance with a noxious weed management agreement is considered to be in compliance with this section.” (Title 7, Chapter 22, Part 21)

In order to be compliant, you need to develop a weed management plan with your county weed district. Once the plan is approved by the local weed board, you are ready to begin a management program.

It’s the law!

Get trained and obtain a private applicator license if necessary OR hire the job done

Both the MWCA and MT Department of Agriculture provide private, commercial and governmental applicator trainings. Please check out the MWCA calendar of events or visit MDA’s website to find upcoming trainings. If you decide to treat the weeds yourself and decide you don’t need the license, please be sure to read the herbicide labels thoroughly and calibrate your equipment to ensure proper and safe application.

And if you decide to hire a commercial applicator, check with your local county weed district for applicators in your area or check out our members who specialize in commercial application.
Other steps to take may include:

Find funding opportunities to help offset your costs

Get involved with or help create a local Cooperative Weed Management Area (CWMA) as grant funding may be obtained through a CWMA with the MT Noxious Weed Trust Fund.

Some weed districts, nonprofit organizations and/or agencies provide cost-sharing programs in Montana. Be sure to contact your local county weed district to see if this option is available near you.

Monitor your efforts

Managing noxious weeds can seem like a never-ending process so it is often a good idea to take photos before and after treatments. This can also be a valuable tool in applying for grants. You can help out your local managers by mapping your property and submitting the results to EddMaps.

Boast on your success

In Montana, we are constantly looking for success stories. The MWCA also provides awards each year to those outstanding weed fighters. If you feel you have done a great job in managing or eradicating weeds, please let us know! We would love to hear your story. Submit your successes (including pictures) to Bethannie or contact




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