Who is a super weed fighter? What weed district is doing a great job? Which group or young person is battling weeds? If someone worthy comes to mind, please submit a letter of nomination of this person, group or business to the MWCA Awards Committee for consideration for a Montana Weed Control Association Award.

In 2021, the MWCA will award the following categories:

Nomination promotion in September * Due November 15th * Awards group to meet in October to review needs* Nomination review by committee to decide winners by December 15th * Plaques need ordered by December 20th

 Awards will be presented at the MWCA Annual Awards Ceremony during the 2022 MWCA Annual Conference.

The awards are:

  • Non-Agency Weed Fighter of the Year
  • Has a passion for and actively participates in weed management in Montana (examples may include the CWMA personnel, private individuals, landowners, ranchers, farmers, guides, outfitters, students, interns, etc.)
  • May use unique and innovative approaches to weed control.
  • May employ the use of integrated weed control.
  • Open to any age level.
  • Agency Weed Fighter of the Year
  • Must work for city, county, state or federal (including tribal) agency.
  • A proven leader who cooperates or partners with others. (Examples of partnership may include the public, departments, landowners and other agencies.)
  • Institutes an aggressive attack on weeds.
  • May use unique and innovative approaches to weed control.
  • May engages in the use of integrated weed control.
  • Outstanding Weed District
  • County weed/Tribal district
  • For a district that has increased public awareness of weed problems and may have;
  • Involved county government and the general public in weed control efforts;
  • Used integrated and innovative approaches to overwhelming problems;
  • Has successfully partnered with other agencies and organizations to enhance their weed program;
  • Provided cost-effective means of control within the program and/or;
  • Shown improvement through on-the-ground treatment at a significant level within the county.
  • Outstanding CWMA
  • For a cooperative weed management area that has successfully established itself and:
  • Gathering and engaging an active group of volunteers to promote its efforts;
  • Actively engages in weed management efforts through spray days, education events, grants and/or cost share programs;
  • Implements innovate or unique approaches to noxious weed management and;
  • May employ a variety of integrated weed management techniques
  • A proven program that partners with others. (Examples of partnership may include the public, departments, landowners, and other organizations/agencies.)
  • Barb Mullin Lifetime Achievement Award – $100.00

Barbra (Barb) H. Mullin was born and raised in Helena, Montana and received a B.S. degree in Botany and Plant Protection and a M.S. degree in Plant Pathology from Montana State University. She spent her 24-year professional career working for the Montana Department of Agricultural, holding the position of state weed coordinator and program manager.

Barb was passionate about protecting Montana’s native landscapes from terrestrial invaders like leafy spurge and spotted knapweed but was also passionate about aquatic plant management. She was a dedicated public servant for the people of Montana and the cause of environmental protection. She took advantage of every opportunity, every teachable moment to educate others about the threat of non-native, invasive plants. Barb was the driving force that created the First Montana Weed Management Plan for both terrestrial and aquatic plants.

While her life was cut short, it was a life well lived with purpose and dedication to a noble cause. Each year when the MWCA recognizes individuals who share Barb’s commitment, dedication, and pursuit of environmental protection through science and plant management. This is the most prestigious award the MWCA awards. Agency personnel, officials and private individuals may qualify.

Principle criteria for this award includes:

  • Innovative or unique approaches that result in learning;
  • Demonstrate excellence and creativity in leadership abilities;
  • Demonstrates the impact of weed management practices and principals of weed science;
  • Recognition of accomplishments by peers and intended audiences;
  • Person has been active in the MWCA for 10 years or more and;
  • Effectively communicates with agencies and the public in the noxious weed effort.


Nomination Process

  • All nomination letters are sent to MWCA office by a designated time in November (usually around the 15th).
  • MWCA staff will compile “packets” of nomination letters and send out to the work group established to vote on the nominees (MWCA members are welcome to join this group. Contact Bethannie at  if you are interested in serving.
  • Work group members will have a period of two or less weeks to review the packets and submit their ballot to the MWCA office for final tally.
  • The awards work group chair will design and implement the awards process at the annual conference

2020 Winners

  • Weed Fighter(s) of the Year – Pamela Schwend & Megan Hoyer
  • Weed District of the Year – no nominations
  • Barb Mullin Life Time achievement Award – Margie Edsall
  • Presidential Award given by Jesse Scott – Taylor Kuntz

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Meet the MWCA Executive Director!


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