Who is a super weed fighter? What weed district is doing a great job? Which group or young person is battling weeds? If someone worthy comes to mind, please submit a letter of nomination of this person, group or business to the MWCA Awards Committee for consideration for a Montana Weed Control Association Award.

Each year the MWCA awards individuals in the following categories:

  1. Weed Fighter of the Year
    • A proven leader who cooperates or partners with others. (Examples of partnership may include the public, departments, landowners and agencies.)
    • Institutes an aggressive attack on weeds.
    • Uses unique and innovative approaches to weed control.
    • Good use of integrated weed control.
    • Open to any age level.
  2. Outstanding Weed District
    • For a district that has increased public awareness of weed problems.
    • Involved county government and the general public in weed control efforts.
    • Used integrated and innovative approaches to overwhelming problems.
    • Has provided cost-effective means of control within the program.
    • Has shown improvement through on-the-ground treatment at a significant level within the county.
    • A weed district may only receive this award once within a 5-year period.
    • Please refer to the attached list to see who has won in the past.
  3. Barb Mullin Lifetime Achievement Award
    • Person has been active in the MWCA for 10 years or more.
    • Demonstrates leadership abilities.
    • Successfully deals with agencies and the public in the noxious weed effort.
    • Cash award of $100 in conjunction with Achievement Award.
    • Agency personnel, officials and private individuals may qualify.

Nomination Process

  • All nomination letters are sent to MWCA office by a designated time in November (usually around the 15th).
  • MWCA staff will compile “packets” of nomination letters and send out to the work group established to vote on the nominees (MWCA members are welcome to join this group. Contact Becky (link to my email) if you are interested in serving.
  • Work group members will have a period of two or less weeks to review the packets and submit their ballot to the MWCA office for final tally.
  • The awards work group chair will design and implement the awards process at the annual conference

2017 Winners

  • Weed Fighter of the Year – Jim Gordon
  • Weed District of the Year – Carbon County & Brian Ostwald
  • Barb Mullin Life Time achievement Award – Jack Eddie
  • Presidential Award given by Amber Burch- Jack Eddie

Historical list of MWCA Awards Recipients

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The Columbia River Basin Flowering Rush Management Plan is complete. Peter Rice of UM and Virgil Dupuis of Montana are prominent features in this newest video discussing, among other things, flowering rush in Flathead Lake. 

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Fall Weed Manager Training
The MWCA Fall Weed Manager Training will be held October 22 – 24 in Lewistown. The annual Moon Cup Golf Tournament will be held on Tuesday afternoon and training will be held on Wednesday and Thursday. 

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