Sulfur Cinquefoil


  • Long, stiff hairs at right angles from the stem (unlike the natives whose hairs lie flat against the stem)
  • Known commonly as the 5 finger weed because of palmate leaf shape (resembles marijuana leaves)
  • Small, pale yellow, heart-shaped, 5-petaled flower
  • Height 1 to 2 1/2 feet

Weed Pictures

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Weed Information

ControlHand puling/digging, herbicide and sheep/goat grazing at early stages. Contact your County Weed District or local Applicator for more information.
HabitatMeadows, roadsides, rangeland/native grasslands, pastures, waste areas and forests.
RootDeep taproot with shallow, spreading roots.
Leaf ShapePalm-like with 5 – 7 leaflets.
LifespanPerennial; two years or longer.
Priority 2B WeedAbundant in Montana and widespread in many counties.
Similar Looking PlantsNorthwest cinquefoil and marijuana.
Important InformationNative cinquefoil has a silver or green color on the underside of the leaf, while invasive has a green underside. Invasive has more stem leaves and fewer base leaves than the native.