Rush Skeletonweed


  • Nearly leafless stems and aerial branches; skeleton-like appearance
  • Downward pointed hairs near base of stem; upper stem smooth and hairless
  • Individual or small groups of bright yellow flowers on stem; milky latex sap in stems, leaves and roots
  • Height 1 to 4 feet

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Weed Information

ControlMechanical, biological, grazing and herbicide. Contact your County Weed District or local Applicator for more information.
HabitatOvergrazed rangeland, waste places, logged area, farm lamd and road construction areas.
Leaf ShapeRosette leaves deeply lobed, upper leaves, if any, linear.
LifespanPerennial; two years or longer.
Priority 1B WeedLimited presence in Montana
Similar Looking PlantsDandelion (flowers and seeds). Chicory and native skeletonweed.
Important InformationGrows close to ground before shooting up, rosette similar to common dandelion. Rosette leaves die off as the plant flowers.