Perennial Pepperweed


  • Enlarged roots at the soil surface form a woody crown and stem base
  • Dark green, glossy leaves
  • Bright green-gray, waxy leaves with a distinct white mid-vein; Upper leaves have no stalk; directly attach to stem, but do not clasp it
  • Small, white, 4-petaled, densely clustered flowers
  • Height 2 to 4 feet

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Weed Information

ControlHand pulling, grazing and herbicide. Contact your County Weed District or local Applicator for more information.
HabitatAlong rivers, riparian zones, waste areas, ditches, roadsides, pastures and residential areas.
RootDeep, spreading roots.
Leaf ShapeOblong to lance-shaped with toothed edges.
LifespanPerennial; two years or longer.
Priority 2A WeedCommon in isolated areas of Montana.
Similar Looking PlantsWhitetop (hoary cress), hoary alyssum and pennycress.
Important InformationThis plant is commonly found in floral arrangements, therefore can be found invading cemeteries and landfills. It is primarily invasive in riparian areas or wetlands and can produce more than six billion seeds per acre of infestation.