• Wiry stems
  • A few short, narrow leaves
  • Long awns that
    emerge from the seed head and point outward and
  • Bright yellow-green color
  • Height 6 to 24 inches

Weed Pictures

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Weed Information

ControlMechanical treatments, grazing management, prescribed burning, revegetation, biocontrol, and chemical treatments. Contact your county weed district or local applicator for more information.
HabitatSemi-arid clay soils. Tends to thrive in regions with warm, dry summers and cool, moist weather from fall through spring.
Leaf ShapeSlender, rolled, 1/8 in wide.
LifespanWinter annual, meaning that seedlings emerge in the fall and initiate re-growth early in the growing season, reducing available soil moisture for perennial grasses.
Priority 1A WeedNot present or limited presence in Montana. If you think you’ve found this plant, please contract your county weed coordinator or MT Department of Agriculture immediately!
Similar Looking PlantsDowny brome, foxtail barley and bottlebrush squirreltail.
Important InformationUnpalatable to livestock when mature. Aggressive. Degrades rangelands. Builds up duff layer that ties up nutrients and may contribute to fire.