Field Bindweed


  • Horizontal or vertical growth; climbs surrounding objects including grass
  • Dark green arrowhead-shaped leaves
  • Bell-shaped or tubular white to pink flower
  • Length 10 feet in one season; depth up to 30 feet

Weed Pictures

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Weed Information

ControlRepeated tillage (mechanical) and herbicide. Contact your County Weed District or local Applicator for more information.
HabitatCultivated areas, fields, lawns, roadsides, railroads and waste sites.
RootTaproot with lateral roots.
Leaf ShapeAlternate on stem, shaped like an arrowhead, sometimes covered with whitish powder.
LifespanPerennial; two years or longer.
Priority 2B WeedAbundant in Montana and widespread in many counties.
Similar Looking PlantsHedge bindweed.
Important InformationOnce established, nearly impossible to fully eradicate.