Dyer’s Woad


  • Blue-green leaves with prominent white mid-rib down center of leaf
  • Bright, vibrant yellow flowers
  • Distinct pear-shaped seed pods turn dark purple-brown to black upon maturity
  • Height 2 to 3 feet

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Weed Information

ControlHand pulling/digging (make sure to get 3 to 4 inches of root) and herbicide. Contact your County Weed District or local Applicator for more information.
HabitatDisturbed areas, roadways, gravel pits and railroad tracks.
Root3 to 5 foot taproot.
Leaf ShapeLance-shaped leaves with rounded tips and slightly wavy edges.
LifespanWinter annual, biennial or a short-lived perennial.
Priority 1A WeedNot present orlimited presence in Montana. If you think you’ve found this plant please contactt your county weed coordinator or MT Department of Agriculture immediately!
Similar Looking PlantsOther mustards, especially yellow or common mustard.
Important InformationOriginally a source of indigo dye; cabbage-like texture, squeaks when rubbed.