• At emergence, brown-green leaves which turn yellow to reddish-brown at maturity
  • Small, soft hairs covering the entire body of the plant
  • Height 6 to 24 inches

Weed Pictures

Weed Information

ControlPrescribed grazing and herbicide.unty Weed District or local Applicator for more information.
HabitatWide range of habitats and environmental conditions; often spreads over large areas.
RootFiberous root system with rapid growth, spreading vertically first, then laterally.
Leaf ShapeBlade-shaped.
LifespanAnnual; one year life cycle.
Priority 3 WeedNot a noxious weed, but a regulated plant; potential for significant negative exonomic and ecological impacts.
Similar Looking PlantsCanada and fringed brome grasses.
Important InformationAwns attached to seed heads will stick to clothing and animal fur. This plant is able to grow at wider temperature ranges than many native grasses.