• Dark spots where the hairs come out of the stem
  • Bristly hairs on stems and leaves
  • Blue to purple funnel-shaped flowers
  • Flowers on arching branches
  • Height 1-3 feet

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Weed Information

ToxicityToxic. Contains pyrrolizidine alkaloids. Toxic to humans, horses and cattle.
ControlHand pulling/digging and herbicide. Contact your county weed district or local commercial applicator for additional information.
HabitatLawns, ornamental areas, rangeland, pastures and along roadsides.
RootTaproot with some lateral roots; root bleeds red when outer covering is stripped.
Leaf ShapeLinear.
LifespanPerennial; two years or longer.
Priority 2A WeedCommon in isolated areas of Montana.
Similar Looking PlantsShining penstemon and silky phacelia.
Important InformationWear gloves when pulling, as the plant’s hairs react with skin similar to handling fiberglass. It thrives in sunny spots and does not tolerate shade.