Park County CWMA

What we do: We have obtained 20 grants on behalf of the people of Park County to the tune of about $350,000.  Most of this money was on a 50/50 cost share so in real dollars we are close to $700,000 in total cost of projects. 

Talks have been given to home owners associations, groups of neighbors, and organized groups.  We have also held public educational seminars in different parts of the county.

As for Bio control, we provide education information and have held public meetings with guest speakers for those here in Park County.  Also we have provided hundreds of sites of different bio control insects for distribution also here in Park County.

Who we are: The Park Co Cooperative Weed Management Area is a grassroots volunteer organization working to foster collaboration and cooperation among private individuals, private groups, and public entities for one sole purpose: to fight noxious and invasive wees in Park County! 

Our purpose: To coordinate invasive weed management efforts, with special emphasis on noxious weeds; between private, government, and community service groups within Park County.  These efforts include: providing herbicide cost-share projects, forming weed treatment alliances, obtaining and distribution of biological control agents, and providing integrated weed education.

The CWMA has tried to limit ourselves to Park County but we have partnered to assist with projects in neighboring counties both in Montana and Wyoming.  

Contact Info: Presently since Park County does not have a full time Ag Extension agent or full time Weed Coordinator, the best contact is either:

Larry Stephenson – CWMA Secretary at “” or
Bob Fleming – CWMA Chair at “” or  406-220-0547.