Montana Biocontrol Coordination Project

What We do:  The Montana Biocontrol Coordination Project (MTBCP) is a grassroots effort initiated by federal, state, county, non-profit, and private land managers throughout Montana who saw a need for increased coordination within the state‚Äôs weed biocontrol program.  The purpose of this project is to provide targeted releases that are then monitored for establishment with the goal of redistribution both in and out of Montana.  We  work towards this purpose by focusing on collecting and distributing insects, tracking release sites for potential future collection sites, monitoring to determine impacts of biocontrol, providing educational programs, coordinating with out of state partners, supporting biocontrol consortiums, and conducting surveys for partner needs.

Mission:  To provide the leadership, coordination, and education necessary to enable land managers across Montana to successfully incorporate biological weed control into their noxious weed management programs.

Contact Info:
Melissa Maggio
Cell 406-660-0197