Centennial Valley Association

The Centennial Valley Association (CVA) preserves traditional ranching as a way of life in the Centennial Valley, while maintaining open space, wildlife habitat water quality, and migration corridors, as they exist today, for future generations.

CVA’s primary initiative was to be the main disseminator of information amongst the local community, building trust between community members and organizations/agencies that live and work in the valley.

Since its establishment, the Centennial Valley Association has created a venue for landowners to have a powerful voice in the area and allow for proactive, community-based collaboration for conservation. CVA fosters a range of initiatives that include: protecting the landscape by managing invasive weeds, maintaining biodiversity and migration corridors, monitoring drought, and supporting collaborative approaches to aid threatened species recovery, and promoting safety, awareness and enjoyment for the community and visitors via updates and resources on water availability, bear awareness, and emergency services.

Centennial Valley Association

Kara Maplethorpe, Coordinator
PO Box 240077
Dell, MT 59724
(715) 681-0795