MWCA Changes Annual Fundraising Raffle for 2025

For the MWCA Fundraising Raffle to be held the first week of June in 2025, the Fundraising Work Group has decided to ask members, board of directors and the public to solicit donations to be raffled off. The group is hoping to receive between 7 and 21 items that are valued at $500 or more. All proceeds help MWCA complete its mission of strengthening and supporting noxious weed management efforts in Montana. The Montana Weed Control Association is now the only member-based organization in Montana solely dedicated to noxious weed management.

The raffle will feature a wide variety of items and tickets will be at $10 each with 1,500 sold. If you are interested in helping with this fundraiser through a donation, please contact Becky as soon as possible. The deadline for gathering items will be August 15, 2024. Tickets will go on sale September 1. 

Some ideas for donations include:

Monthly baked items-local bakery – Cookies, pie, cakes, breads, canned items
Cut and wrapped meat – pigs, cows, goats, buffalo, salmon and seafood, smoked fish, jerky etc.
Concert tickets
Custom wood makings – beds, jewelry boxes, coffee tables etc.
Vacation packages, camping/ cabins/ bed and breakfast, ski getaways
Guns/fishing/camping equipment
Guided hunting/fishing trips, floats
Animal mounts, hides
ATV’s, rafts, vehicles, spray equipment
Golf packages
Spa packages
Electronics, appliances, game cameras, large liquor baskets, freeze dried foods
Antler creations, chandeliers, lamps, tables etc.
Quilts, blankets
Art – prints/photography, photo sessions by photographer
Scenic flights package
Gardening packages, plants, bird feeders, gardening tools – weed eaters, saws, lawn mowers
Fire pits, coolers, BBQ grills/smokers, cords of firewood
Gift cards  – restaurants, sporting goods stores, Gas cards
Paddle boards, electric bicycles

And on and on!