MWCA Announces New/Old Hire for Executive Director Position

As of January 1, 2024, the MWCA Board of Directors approved the re-hiring of past Executive Director, Becky Kington. Kington resigned in September of 2021 and spent two years in what she is calling a sabbatical of sorts.

“At the time, after 21 years, I needed a break and I was offered a position as a bookkeeper with a local CPA. Looking back, it worked out very well given that my father passed away, my mom had to be placed in memory care and we had to take care of their extensive estate,” says Kington. She went on to add, “It was good for me to learn that I really missed what I did for the past 20 years, and when I was approached by MWCA to come back, I was pretty excited.

The variety offered with the MWCA job is unparalleled. I get to help manage a nonprofit board and volunteers, plan a variety of events, seek fundraising opportunities, create publications, oversee financials and always promote the education and awareness of noxious weeds in Montana. I have missed the job, the travel and the people, so it’s awesome to be back in this seat,” says Kington.

Kington resides in Twin Bridges, MT and spends a portion of the winter in Wickenburg, Arizona. She will travel back and forth as needed to take care of MWCA business. In her spare time, she ropes, golfs and is a Griz football fanatic.

There is a quick transition in place and, for now, the MWCA number of 406-925-0708 will still go to Kara Maplethorpe, but laptops are being shipped, the MWCA email is now directed to Becky, and numerous meetings have already taken place. Of course, the number one priority at this time is the production and implementation of the annual conference.

Kington adds, “I’m looking forward to seeing a LOT of familiar faces in 21 days.”