Montana’s Corteva Representative Changes



To the Montana Weed Control Association:

My name is Claire Volk, and I am your new Range and Pasture Specialist serving Montana. This fall will be my 6th anniversary working in western rangelands, and I could not be more honored and excited to serve Montana.

Nebraska is where I was raised, spending time in corn and soybeans, as well as our pasture in the historic sandhills. My grandparents worked hard for everything they built on our operation. I’d like to think I’m a balance of both, as my grandpa always worked in town and my grandma was the top ranch hand, calving cows and driving tractor. (Still working on becoming the top ranch hand part.)

I received my education from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, studying Agricultural Economics and Entrepreneurship. Upon graduation in 2015, heritage Dow Agrosciences moved me west to cover Range and Pasture for Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, and Arizona. There is where I met Trent Brusseau as a fellow team member and my admiration for the west was ignited.

Trent was my first mentor in the Range and Pasture business. His charisma and wealth of knowledge are only surpassed by his passion for people. I am so very thankful he encouraged me to get my boots on the ground with customers as much as possible. He eagerly shared his thorough rangeland knowledge with me and grew my passion for rangeland in the west.

Corteva has curated these new territories to best serve our western partners. You all are an integral part to Montana, and western rangelands. I am passionate about our range, the livestock and livelihoods it supports, and most importantly, the people who make it happen. Thank you for this opportunity to collaborate, learn, and serve you all.

In this coming year, I have committed to all that Trent has fostered with this group in the past. I will also be open to new endeavors. Please reach out if there are other events I can be a part of, what you may need from me, or just to say hello. This will be a wonderful adventure, and I can not wait to meet you all in person sometime soon.

Best Regards,

Claire M Volk

Pasture and Land Management
Montana, Wyoming, West River ND/SD