Rejuvra receives EPA approval for grazed range lands

It is with great excitement to be announcing that Bayer just received EPA approval of the grazed range label for Indaziflam!  The journey to this point has been a collaborative effort with universities, ranchers, land managers and Bayer throughout the west. Many who are passionate about restoring our western rangelands have seen the devastation caused by invasive annual grasses. 

With this grazing approval, now there is new and most effective tool for controlling cheatgrass on grazed rangelands for multiple years with just one application. This will be a new product marketed under the brand name, “Rejuvra.”  Rejuvra is the same formulation as Esplanade 200 SC, but will have the full grazing tolerance with a zero-day grazing restriction. 

Attached is a flyer for a June 30th webinar (8-10:30 AM) on Restoration of Annual Grass Infested Landscapes that I hope you can attend.  Just click on the link and you will be joined to the webinar. We have a comprehensive webinar program that dives deeper into important topics surrounding invasive annual grass management, including specifics on Rejuvra.

Please feel free to pass the flyer for the webinar along to anyone who would be interested in attending.  Thanks! 

June 30 2020 Invasive Annual Grass Webinar Invitation

Steve Saunders
Bridger AgVentures, LLC
Consultant for Bayer Environmental Science MT & WY
(406) 580-1027