An opportunity to host a MCC Conservation Intern in 2020

If you are interested in hosting an MT Conserservation Corp Conservation intern in 2020, applications are due January 31, 2020 – early submissions are welcome and encouraged.

Here are some key points to keep in mind:

Eligible Organizations:

·    Federal/State/Local agencies, NGO’s/501c3s, Conservation Districts/Weed Districts, Tribal Nations/Organizations and other conservation-based groups

·    Host sites may host multiple members

·    Host sites can also partner in hosting a member


Host Site Cost Share:

·    May-August= $6,000 per intern

·    May-October= $8,800 per intern


*Note* Please reach out to MCC staff if you would like to discuss payment options, potential partnerships and other strategies for bringing intern(s) on as part of your team.


We will also be hosting brief, informational webinars describing the program:

Wednesday- January 7th at 2pm

·    Link to the webinar: MCC CI Intro Webinar 1/7 @ 2pm 

·    Call-in Option#: (929) 436-2866 Meeting ID: 547 457 604 

Monday- January 9th at 10am

·    Link to the webinar: MCC CI Intro Webinar 1/9 @ 10am 

·    Call-in Option#: (929) 436-2866 Meeting ID: 452 233 813 

Applications can be found here:

For more information, please contact:

Bryan Wilson, Director-Individual Placement Programs

Cell: 330.242.4482 | |