2019 – 2020 MWCA Gun Raffle Winners

The July 2019 drawing was for a Henry Golden Boy rifle and Ron Barnhart of Harlow won it. 

The August 2019 drawing was for a Weatherby Camilla .243 and Brady Shortman of Butte won it. 

The September 2019 drawing for a Savage SS Laminate Thumbhole Stock .17 HMR w/scope was won by Doug Wildish of Miles City.

The October 2019 drawing for a Savage .308 Accutrigger Wood Stock w/scope was won by Ed Peterson of Bozeman.

The November 2019 drawing for a Browning AB3 .270 was Bob Marley of Wisdom.

The December 2019  drawing for a Marlin 336C 30-30 was Adam Sieges of Warm Springs.

The January 2020 drawing for a Remington V3 12 gauge was Dave Brink of Missoula.

The February 2020 drawing for a Ruger Davidson PC Carbine 9 mm was won by Chad Beckman of Edgar.

The March 2020 drawing for a CZ Over & Under Quail 20 gauge shotgun was won by Shawn Kissell of Butte.

The April 2020 drawing for a Ruger American green stainless steel 6.5 Creedmoor with scope was won by Adam Sieges of Warm Springs (he is one lucky guy!).

The May 2020 drawing for a Kimber Hunter 30-06 was Gary Berger of Dillon.

The June 2020 drawing for a Remington 700 long range .300 win mag was Tony Kenyon of Joliet.

All of these winners will be thrown into a final drawing for a gun safe towards the end of June.
We will be starting to sell tickets for the 2021 Gun Raffle this fall.