Montana Trust Fund Grant Applications Open

2020 Funding Opportunities are Posted!

  • Research, Education & Development, and Local Cooperative grants are now available.
  • Administrative costs up to 3% of the grant amount, or up to $1,000, are available for Local Cooperative project coordinators that have not received a Special County/Reservation Grant.
  • EA forms have been streamlined, no need for a professional!
  • Applications are due January 6th, 2020.


  • FY20 Special County/Reservation grant applications for are now available. Applications are due January 6th, 2020.
  • Requirements for approval…
    • Current County Noxious Weed Management Plans must be on file with the Department (next scheduled review is December 2020).
    • Final status reports for FY19 Special County/Reservation grant must be completed and approved (due November 30, 2019).


  • Emergency grants are now available. These grants provide assistance for herbicide control and/or revegetation efforts in areas that have suffered extreme drought or fire this summer. Please contact Jasmine Reimer for more information. Applications are due November 1, 2019.

All grant applications and instructions can be found at

Check out our Grant Guidelines or the MDA website for more information.

Jasmine Reimer
State Noxious Weed Coordinator
Noxious Weed Program Manager
Montana Department of Agriculture
Office: 406-444-3140
Cell: 406-461-9207