Level 2 Noxious Weed Management Workshop Offered in September

The Level 2 Noxious Weed Management Workshop will be held September 10-12, 2019, in Bozeman, MT. Please see attached draft agenda and registration form. Registration deadline is August 30, 2019, and registration is limited to 30 participants.

I need your help in deciding which species to cover during the species-specific presentations on the morning of the second day. In the past I have included presentations on toadflax (Dalmatian and yellow), Eurasian watermilfoil, Phragmites, annual grasses (cheatgrass, medusahead, ventenata), tall buttercup, and Russian olive. If you plan to attend, please let me know which species you would like more information on, and I will do my best to accommodate those species that are most highly requested.

In the past many people have asked about payment method. I cannot process credit card payments and therefore request that you pay with a check. If you need an invoice in order to have a check written by your organization, let me know and I can send you that in advance. If you have any questions, please let me know. I hope to see you in September!



Jane Mangold
Associate Professor and Extension Invasive Plant Specialist
Dept. of Land Resources and Environmental Sciences
Montana State University
P.O. Box 173120
Bozeman, MT  59717-3120
(406)994-5513; jane.mangold@montana.edu


Level 2 Registration form
Level 2 Weed Course Agenda