2020 MWCA Scenic Calendar Needs Your Photos!

We are looking for scenic photos taken in Montana by our members! If you have photos and are a member of the MWCA, please email, burn to a flash drive or mail them to us by May 1st!

In our annual calendar, we depict all seasons of Montana and encourage photos that are primarily scenic in nature (we are not looking for photos of weeds, however, we can use any of those you have on our website!)

Photographers whose photos get chosen for the final calendar receive 25 calendars for their photo(s) used in the 2020 MWCA calendar. Some tips to remember:

1. Photos must be high resolution (usually a minimum of 1 or 2 MB in size) and anymore, cell phones cameras have exceptional quality, so they should work.

2. Photos must be submitted by MWCA members

3. Photos need to be primarily scenic in nature (those filled with weeds do not usually make the cut nor do those depicting people or wildlife/animals) and they must be taken in Montana.

4. If your photo is chosen, we need the location which includes the county where it was taken.