MISC Assembling Committees to Tackle Invasive Species Law Review Outcomes

In 2018, the Montana Invasive Species Council (MISC) undertook a comprehensive review of federal, state, local and tribal laws and regulations that pertain to the management of invasive species within the state of Montana. The review was aided by a series of statewide listening sessions and the 2018 Montana Invasive Species Summit held in November 2018.

The purpose of the review, which culminated in a Compendium of Invasive Species Laws and a report detailing outcomes of the review was to:

  1. provide managers and lawmakers with a systematic compilation of the laws and regulations relevant to the management of all-taxa invasive species in the state;
  2. provide information and ideas to improve funding, authority, and management responsibility; and 
  3. provide the necessary information for the council to evaluate the need for a comprehensive Montana Invasive Species Act, as outlined in the 2016 Montana Invasive Species Framework


The two major outcomes of the review and input from stakeholders and partners, includes the development of an all taxa invasive species list and a comprehensive invasive species act for Montana.

The list will aid land and water managers, as well as the public, with information about the highest risk established and emerging species in the state in order to prevent their introduction and spread. The act will consolidate existing laws to provide clarity and consistency in how invasive species laws are applied across the state.

MISC is seeking individuals to serve on these committees throughout 2019 and 2020. If you are interested in serving please contact council coordinator, Stephanie Hester.

The Montana Invasive Species Council is a statewide partnership working to protect Montana’s economy, natural resources, and public health through a coordinated approach to combat invasive species. For more information about MISC and to access the Compendium of Invasive Species Laws and the Summit Report, visit misc.mt.gov.


Stephanie Hester, Invasive Species Program Manager
Department of Natural Resources and Conservation
Montana Invasive Species Council
P.O. Box 201601
Helena, MT 59620-1601