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Zero Spread

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Zero Spread – What is it all about?

The Zero Spread Campaign was an idea generated by NRCS and the Statewide Noxious Weed Education and Awareness Campaign in 2002. The purpose of this campaign was to create education and awareness with a target audience of the ag producers in Montana through the use of a Zero Spread logo and materials packaged to give to producers and landowners.  In 2005, the Montana Weed Control Association was approached to help facilitate the campaign and partnered with NRCS and MDA to ensure the continuation of the campaign.

Since 2002, the campaign has included radio and print ads, a television commercial, packets of weed materials for landowners, media kits for agency professionals, signage for landowners, and most importantly a “branding tool” for noxious weed control across the state of Montana for everyone to use at their discretion. All packets have been distributed and the only materials left from this campaign include landowner signs. These signs are aluminum and are available in small: 24” x 36” and large: 36” X 42.” In order to receive one of these signs for your property, you must contact your local weed coordinator. We have to ensure the integrity of the campaign by making sure your property and your management techniques qualify for signage through your county weed coordinator. It is our sincere hope that we find zero spread signs throughout the state of Montana, which means landowners care about this cause!

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