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Beaverhead County Montana

Beaverhead County Weed Day 2010

Friday, September 3rd, 2010

Annually Beaverhead County Weed District holds a multitude of community weed/spray days, but the Beaverhead County Weed Day held in July is essentially the big hooray of weed days!  In 2010, several areas were targeted throughout the county including Blacktail Deer Creek, Poindexter Slough, Bannack, Beaverhead River, Limekiln Canyon, and Timber Butte Estates Subdivision.  Participants for the day include volunteers from Beaverhead Search and Rescue, Pheasants Forever, local outfitters, the weed board, 50 kids from county 4-H groups, and other weed fighters, as well as Beaverhead County, Madison County, Bureau of Land Management, Fish, Wildlife, and Parks, and Bureau of Reclamation spray crews.  A barbeque held at the end of the day fed roughly 150 participants.

So what is it about the Beaverhead County Weed Day that makes it such a success?  It is not necessarily the number of acres that are treated during the day, or the number of hamburgers that are served at the barbeque; the success of the day comes from the people that are involved.  We get 4-H kids involved in pulling weeds along the Beaverhead River and Bannack State Park.  At an early age, these kids are seeing a difference from year to year in their pulling efforts.  Where a couple years ago in Bannack they were pulling bag upon bag without moving but only a few feet they are now having to search among the willows and throughout the area to fill half the number of bags they did before.  We have also had local outfitters donate river days to the 4-H kids to float down the Beaverhead River pulling weeds.  Another great thing about the weed day is the cooperation between agencies in Beaverhead County.  All these diverse people fight have their own jobs and interests, but at the end of the day everyone involved in weed day is united for a single cause…to manage noxious weeds.

Thanks to Amber Burch, Assistant Weed Coordinator in Beaverhead County for her story.

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