Working together to strengthen and support noxious weed management efforts in Montana.

Why Should You Care?

Invasive weeds are the greatest threat to Montana’s environment. When these invaders are allowed to invade and spread, they cause a reduction in wildlife forage, degrade fisheries through erosion and sediment buildup, reduce property values, and erode our beautiful viewsheds in Montana. Currently, Montana has approximately 7.6 million precious acres infested with state-listed noxious weeds, and several new and potentially devastating invaders knocking on the door at our borders.


From the Director's Desk

Winter is a long ole season in Montana! I am pretty sure we are not out of the snow season yet and we are still getting pretty hard frosts. But when that green grass does start to show up, it sure gives all of us the itch to be outdoors! After all, this is the reason we stay in this state with its 7 month winters right? Summer and fall in Montana is hard to beat! As for me, I’ve already hit the Dillon course twice! I get the itch to hit the links whenever the wind isn’t blowing and it is above 50 degrees!

Now is the time to start mapping out your golf season if you hit that little white ball around the links! So please be sure to mark your calendar and get signed up for our first ever golf fundraiser to be held in Huntley at the Pryor Creek Golf Course on September 13, 2014. It is limited to the first 18 four-man teams to get signed up and until August 1st, you get early registration fees. It will be a scramble and there are lots and lots of prizes that will ensure this is the most fun you’ll have on the golf course this summer!

That seems like a long ways off, but for us weed managers, each longer day brings us that much closer to fighting the never-ending-battle of noxious weed control 24 /7 it seems for the next 5 months! Before you know it, it will be September. Be watching our website for more information and registration for the Golf for Five coming very soon!


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